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Perfect Fourth Wins 2018 Novice Quartet Award

June 12, 2018 - 1:06pm -- Julie Sul

Perfect Fourth traveled to Albany, NY in May to participate in the Greater NY/NJ Region 15 Quartet Competition.  Their electrifying performance earned them 6th place and the 2018 Novice Quartet "Cracker Jills" Award.  We are incredibly proud of them.  Although this was their first appearance on the stage at Regional competition, Perfect Fourth performed at the 2017 Sweet Adelines International Rising Star Quartet Contest in Maryland where they received the Stars to Watch Award.  Visit their Facebook page for more information on what this talented young quartet is up to next.

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Mother's Day Special - Mary and Sky

May 12, 2018 - 10:52am -- Julie Sul

Today we hear the story of Mary and Sky.  Enjoy!

When did you come to Barbershop singing? 

Mary:  In a weird way, I brought myself to Barbershop singing when I suggested Sky’s dad visit a local BarberShop chorus in PA, when she and Sagan were little. He came home walking on air, included the kids in Quartet practice in our living room, and we went to the SPEBSQSA/BHS International Contest every summer for vacation. And when Sky and Sagan got older, the four of us sang BarberShop music in a quartet.

Sky:  My dad started singing barbershop when I was about six years old - my mom found the ad in the paper looking for men who loved to sing and the rest is history... I was hooked!  

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Mother's Day Special - Kathy and Gabrielle

May 11, 2018 - 11:30am -- Julie Sul

Kathy and Gabrielle are just beginning their joint barbershop journey.  It's a wonderful example of how it's never too late to start something new together.

When did you come to Barbershop singing? Who brought whom to SOS?

Kathy:  Gabrielle came to barbershop in spring 2016

Gabrielle:  I brought my mom to sing in spring of 2018. 

How long have you been singing women's Barbershop music?

Kathy:  Gabrielle has been singing barbershop for about 2 years.

Gabrielle:  My mom has been singing barbershop for a few months. 

What is the most challenging thing about singing Barbershop that mother/daughter has helped you with?

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Mother's Day Special - Terri and Danielle

May 10, 2018 - 11:21am -- Julie Sul

Terri and Danielle are a Mother/Daughter pair who also took the time to answer our questions about how their barbershop experiences.

When did you come to barbershop singing? Who brought who to SOS?

Terri:  I was introduced to barbershop nine years ago. My daughter, Danielle, was in seventh grade and had Sky Harris as her choral teacher. I attended summer camp performances, and her first regional competition as a chaperone.  Danielle was hooked on barbershop and SOS hooked me.

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Mother's Day Special - Inez and Rachael

May 9, 2018 - 11:00am -- Julie Sul

Inez and Rachael are a Grandmother/Granddaughter pair who are members of the Spirit of Syracuse.  They took the time to answer our questions about how this art form has enriched their relationship.  Enjoy!

When did you come to Barbershop singing?  Who brought who to the Spirit of Syracuse?

Inez: I was introduced to Barbershop by a high school friend in 1993. She invited me to a membership drive for the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus.  I introduced my Granddaughter to Barbershop when she was 12? SOS offered a summer program where students could come and sing for free. Rachael liked it enough to go to a barbershop camp at Hobart College.

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